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Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, Powers Law is dedicated to providing custom-tailored, high-quality legal services to individuals, executives, entrepreneurs, corporations, family offices, small businesses, and non-profits.

"John’s wit and wisdom are a breath of fresh air compared to other attorneys. I’m much more comfortable in deals when he's on my side." --B.W.

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The legal system can be intimidating and complex. People can be quickly overwhelmed with information. Powers Law will help you find answers to your questions about the law. We handle business and legal matters for our clients. If you need client-centered legal help, we’re your firm. THEN the Contact us.

About John Powers

Having worked with top-tier international law firms, John Powers brings a unique approach toward clients and their matters - client-centric and cost-efficient. This approach frees clients from unnecessary concerns and propels them forward with confidence.

"John helped me fix a festering dispute between my company and another large company, then showed me other issues that could arise in the future, and solved those. He gave me piece of mind." – Rachel C.

Why Choose Powers Law?

Powers Law provides a return on your investment – we are a value add. Indeed, since sound contracts are assets, we draft them accordingly. And since effective representation mitigates liabilities, we work diligently. The client’s bottom line – not the law firm’s – is the single most important factor in our representation. In Powers Law you’ll have a responsive, thorough law firm that has your back. Because we care, we also associate with other professionals and advisors who complement our services and have the same high standards that we do. Powers Law serves you.


The Coronavirus epidemic has presented a unique challenge to the United States and the world at large. We send our prayers to those whose physical health is affected. So to everyone is ill, get well, and to those are not, stay healthy.

This blog is dedicated to assisting those who require financial assistance. Below are some resources for businesses including small businesses: